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Hi, i am a petsitter in milan.

I am a very responsible person and do what ever has been ordered. As i have a dog owner i would like to company your dog while you are not availble. I can be availble for longer periods (up to 1/2 weeks)
I can take them to a walk, take care of them in my house or take care of them in ypur house as you wish.
Technically i have lots of free time, so i can be availbe in the mornings around 9 am till 18/19 pm.
I would be happy and honored if you pick me as a petsitter. I love animals so much.
I could send you photos/videos of your pet if you would like to know its condition.
If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me. I'll be looking for your replies.
Thank you for your interest and time.

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Hello, my name is Mina. I am a 24 year old student in milan and technically i just finished the art academy. Currently i am living in milan and looking for a job just like other students. I like to read books, long walks, small exercises and traveling. I am interested in sit-com tv shows and also making them. Because i studied media in my bachelor. Also i am open to new things and kearning new things, culture, language, new hobbie .... So you can always tell me something, i will be listening. Thank you for the attention


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