Beatrice B., baby-sitter a Milan

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Contatto Beatrice

English and swedish speaking babysitter

My name is Beatrice , I'm 25 yo and originally from Sweden.
I grew up in a small city in the south of Sweden where I had an amazing childhood.

When I turned 20 I moved to London where I was a resident for 4, 5 years. In October 2016 I moved to Turin for an advertising internship that turned into the motivator for me to move to Italy. I only recently started to study Italian but it's my goal to be fluent as fast as possible.

I have only been a baby sitter within my family but I have a long history of employment that is more or less relevant to being a good babysitter in my opinion.

The most relevant working experience I have is within healthcare, working as a career for mentally and physically challenged people. I helped them in their day to day life with anything from household chores and personal hygiene to more difficult things such as understanding the world around them (for those who were mentally challenged).
I'm a very playful and creative person who's been deep into crafts and art since childhood legs.

I believe that through nurture and play we can grow our next generation into loving people who will change the world to the better.

I'm only suitable for families who wish to have someone speaking English or Swedish to their children when babysitting, in order for the children to develop one or both of those languages.

I'm happy answer any questions you might have so don't hesitate to ask.

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