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Tran D., Insegnante inglese, insegnante di chimica, insegnante di matematica, homework help a Desenzano del Garda (25015)

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Hello, i'm Sophie, a student from Finance and Insurance master course in Calabria, University.
I am fluent in English, enthusiasm with students and have strong experiences in teaching.
Actually, i am a 1-1 tutor for 8 students for 3 years (from 6/2014 - 4/2017), in subjects of math, english and chemistry. I also participated in different events and programs for children, so, have strong communication skills to deal with their troubles.
Out of studying time, i am willing to play with your child, teach them create hand-made things and support them as a closed-knit friend.

Thank you.

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  • From 06-2014 A Questo giorno

    I teach her daughter for almost 3 years in both English and Math, and she achieve a lot of accomplishment in school tasks. Besides, until now, Athough i went to Italy for almost 8 months, she still talk that im her best teacher and we contact regularly.

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Im a 1st student in Finance and insurance master course in Calabria University. I went to Italy with my full-scholarship from Hanoi university after 4 years trying on top 8% in my department. During my sudying in Vietnam, i usually teach the children from 3-12 years old as 1-1 tutor. The subjects im good at are math and chemistry, and now, with my improved knowledge, im able to teach for students who interested in finance and banking area also. With the job that related to my major, im a assistant in the techcombank in Vietnam, be a saleman in Elite fitness centre, and have 6 months work as marketing oficer in Master language Academy. About my hobbies, i like travelling and cooking, and very interested in making hand-made things. Im a friendly person in normal life, but quite strict in the job requiremens.


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