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Veronica P., tata a London

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Full time nanny

I'm an Italian girl, very mature, passionate and dynamic; I'm well organised, precise, punctual and hard working. I love children and I like spending time with them; I think they are brilliant and I really like doing some activities, like crafting and creative playing, with them.
II've never had professional experiences with children, but I've grow up with a little brother, 5 years than me, and I've always take care of him because my parents worked all day; I also took care and helped the learning process of a slightly disabled young boy.
I've always been a good housekeeper (no professional), in my house and helping my grandmother in her difficult daily routine.
If you have pets for me it's not a problem, it can be a plus for me because of my love for animal.
I have some experience as teacher assistant so I can help your children with their homework and in change they help me for sure with English!
So as you can understand English is not my mother tongue (it's Italian) but I can speak pretty good English, and also a quite good level of French and Spanish.

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